Monday, October 8, 2012


I haven't gotten outside to take any new pictures, I've been lazy and it's been nasty and rainy out. I haven't been a very good blog poster, either.

So, with that being said, since it's getting close to Halloween, I'm going to post some pictures from a cemetery in Florida that we visited during our trip. Normally, walking into a cemetery really doesn't bother me, in the day time or night time. I don't get freaked out very easily, but when I walked into this cemetery, I instantly had a creepy feeling. The air was heavy, and thick. It just felt really really sad. They tried their best to keep up with the maintenance of it, but, it was used from 1835-1841, so time is no man's..dead or alive...friend.

What made it a little worse was, straight across from this cemetery, was another big burial space. Headstones were rare, but, according to a Memorial sign/marker, it was a mass grave for victim's of Yellow fever or plague. Again, it was sad feeling. It must be, because they didn't even have a nice place to rest, or a proper burial with their loved ones being able to come and remember them at their headstones because there WERE NO headstones for them.

So here are a few pictures from there....


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